Rent Free Hot and Cold Water Cooler

Don’t pay rent for your water cooler!  Get it Rent Free!  Check here to see if you qualify….

We offer 2 types of water coolers.

A Hot/Cold water cooler dispenser unit

This water cooler has a child proof hot water tap that pours near boiling water.  I’m guessing the water temperature is around 85 degrees Celsius and its certainly hot enough for tea, coffee and cup a soups during the winter.  Great for offices where employees can grab a hot drink with ease.  The units are not shipped with energy ratings but our customers tell us that there is no significant difference in their energy bills.

Cold/room temperature dispenser unit. 

Sometimes this unit is referred to as a cook and cold water dispenser.  The refrigerated cold tap is blue in colour and the room temperature tap is tan making it easy to distinguish between the water that is cooled and the water that isn’t.  Great for home during the summer months.  With not hot water, there is no risk that young children can burn themselves.

There is no difference in price because they are rent free.  You have the choice.