Moorooka 4105

Did you know?

1. Moorooka, located in the 4105 postcode of Queensland, has a rich early history that dates back to the late 1800s. Originally known as the suburb of Capper’s Hill, it was renamed Moorooka in 1901, derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “place of springs.”

2. In its early years, Moorooka was primarily a farming area, with dairy farms and market gardens dominating the landscape. The fertile soil and ample water supply made it an ideal location for agricultural activities, and the suburb thrived as a hub for fresh produce.

3. As the population grew, Moorooka gradually transformed into a residential suburb, with the establishment of housing estates and the construction of schools and community facilities. Today, Moorooka is a vibrant suburb with a diverse community, bustling markets, and a rich history that can still be seen in its heritage-listed buildings and charming streetscapes.

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