Spring Water Delivery Peak Crossing 4306

Did you know?

1. Peak Crossing, 4306, located in Queensland, has a rich early history that dates back to the mid-19th century. The area was initially known as Limestone Ridges due to the abundance of limestone formations found in the region.

2. The first European settlers arrived in the area in the early 1840s, establishing farms and grazing properties. These settlers were drawn to the fertile soil and the opportunities presented by the expanding agricultural industry in Queensland.

3. The name “Peak Crossing” was adopted in the late 1860s, owing to the crossing point on the Bremer River that was used by bullock teams transporting goods from Ipswich to the Fassifern district. This crossing point was marked by a prominent peak, hence the name “Peak Crossing”. Today, Peak Crossing is a small but thriving community that cherishes its historical roots while embracing modern developments.

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