Spring Water Delivery Petrie Terrace 4000

Did you know?

1. Petrie Terrace 4000, located in Queensland, has a rich early history that dates back to the mid-19th century. Originally known as Terrace Hill, this area was named after Andrew Petrie, a prominent figure in the early development of Brisbane.

2. In the early years, Petrie Terrace 4000 was primarily a residential area, with charming wooden houses and gardens lining the streets. The terrace houses were built to accommodate the growing population of Brisbane, and many of them still stand today, adding to the area’s historical charm.

3. Petrie Terrace 4000 also played a significant role during World War II. The area was home to several military establishments, including the American Red Cross Club and the Australian Army’s Enoggera Barracks. These establishments served as important support centers during the war, providing aid and resources to the troops stationed in the area.

Overall, Petrie Terrace 4000’s early history is a fascinating blend of residential development and military significance, making it a unique and historically significant location in Queensland.

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