The Gap 4061

Did you know?

1. The Gap, located in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, has a rich early history deeply-rooted in the Indigenous culture of the region. Before European settlement, the area was inhabited by the Turrbal people, who had a strong connection to the land and its natural resources.

2. In the mid-19th century, as European settlers began to explore and establish settlements in the area, The Gap became an important route for transportation between Brisbane and the western regions of Queensland. The steep and rocky terrain posed a challenge for travelers, but it also provided breathtaking views of the surrounding bushland and the Brisbane River.

3. The name “The Gap” was given to the area due to a noticeable gap or pass in the mountains that allowed access through the rugged terrain. This pass became a significant landmark and played a crucial role in the development of the region, eventually leading to the establishment of The Gap as a residential suburb in the 20th century. Today, The Gap is known for its natural beauty, bushland reserves, and a community that cherishes its historical significance.

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